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MS643LC 4K LCD Controller

MS643LC 4K (3840X2160@60Hz) LCD controller kit.
MS643LC LCD Controller Kit included the following items:
AC-DC Adapter, input 100-240VAC, output 12V DC 1.5A
HDMI Cable
5 Buttons Key PCB and Wire Harness
LCD screen Wire Harness
Build-In 2 HDMI and 1 MINI DP Input Connector
Build-In 2.2W Audio amplifier to drive two 4 O Speakers
Support Resolution up to 3840X2160@60Hz
Supports single and dual eDP LCD screen up to 17.3″
Support Color: up to 10 Bit LCD screens
Build-in 12V DC input jack, MINI USB and Battery input connector
Support 3.3V LCD screen
OSD: Chinese, English, French, Italian, German, Korean. Russian & Spanish
Key Functions: Select/Exit, Menu, Auto, Left and Right
Compact Size: 120mm X 62.5mm X 6.5mm
Compatible with the following Manufacturers and Models:

Manufacture Size LCD Screen
AUO 17.3″ B173ZAN01.0
AUO 17.3″ B173ZAN01.2
LG Philips 15.6″ LP156UD1-SPA2
LG Philips 15.6″ LP156UD1-SPB1
Innolux 17.3″ N173DSE-G31
Samsung 15.6″ LTN156FL02-L01
Sharp 15.6″ LQ156D1JX01B
Sharp 15.6″ LQ156D1JX36

You can order the controller kit on our website