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Repair Price increase – Jan. 1. 2016

Dear Customers,

MoniServ, has been working hard through the years to deliver high-quality Repair service for the lowest possible prices. We know that today, it is becoming increasingly hard to make do with every dollar of your hard-earned money. Although we continually make an effort to give you top-notch Repair service at low prices, we regret to inform you that substantial increases in labor, rent and raw material costs have left us with no alternative but to increase our Repair prices.

Desktop Monitor/ LCD TV /Laptop Screen Effective: Jan. 1 2016
15″ or Smaller LCD Monitor/LCD TV $                                      95.00
17″ – 21.3″ LCD Monitor/LCD TV $                                     115.00
22″ – 24″ LCD Monitor/LCD TV $                                     125.00
26″ – 32″ LCD Monitor/LCD TV $                                     135.00
37″- 52″ LCD Monitor/LCD TV $                                     185.00
60″ UP LCD Monitor/LCD TV $                                     269.00


Open Frame/Metal Frame/Touch Screen Effective: Jan. 1 2016
15 inch $                                     125.00
17 inch $                                     135.00
19 inch $                                     145.00
22″-24″ $                                     155.00
25″ and up Call


  Effective: Jan. 1 2016
LED Upgrade(Labor Only) $                                       95.00
CRT to LCD Conversion(Labor Only) $                                     250.00
CCFL reflector Assembly(Labor Only) $                                       15.00


We are looking forward to your continued patronage despite this increase, and we hope that you see that our Repair services are worth every dollar you spend on them.

MoniServ Management

Dec. 1 2015

IST01 iPad Screen tester

No more guess works!
IST01 comes with screen wires and wire adapters that allows you to test iPad1, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad5 and iPad mini2. It requires no setup time. Just plug and test. this proprietary design automatically detects type of iPad screens and lock in color test patterns. Easy to use! Anyone can do it! Must have it tool for people who offer iPad repair service.
Save Time! Save money!



Our newest LCD screen tester LST04 is available now. We have completely redesign LST04 tester by adding single chip computer, color bar generator, Short circuit protection, isolation circuit. LST04 is much more dependable.