About US


MoniServ, Inc. is a company specializing in LCD test equipment and custom LCD/LED backlight designs for all types of LCD screens (LCD Panels).  Established in 1989, (formerly Hue’s Electronics), MoniServ, Inc.  has developed into a highly recognized leader in its field. MoniServ, Inc. credits its success to a focused market (LCD Screens) and dedication to customer satisfaction. MoniServ, Inc. has grown tremendously from being a traditional CRT monitor servicer to today’s largest global LCD parts manufacturer and supplier. We are  proud to say that no other company can compete with the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.


MoniServ, Inc. is conveniently located at 1600 Noriega Street, San Francisco, California.  The modern facility occupies approximately 4000 sq. ft of space for effective service, R&D, part storage, warehousing, and offices. MoniServ has carefully organized the facility to maximize effective space utilization. A production “flow” is maintained to insure efficiency, and a computer tracking system follows from received orders to ship.